Standards Implementation Support Continues in Nebraska

NCCC continues to support the Nebraska Department of Education with content area standards implementation. A stakeholder task force composed of representatives from the SEA, educational service units (ESUs), LEAs, and higher education came together to develop an implementation framework to guide Nebraska educators through the stages of standards implementation. This framework also guides the task force's division into three groups-policy and procedures, online resource repository, and professional development-each with an action plan aligned with the following project milestones:


  • Develop and disseminate a statewide content area standards implementation procedure.
  • Develop an online repository of resources to support content area standards implementation.
  • Create a professional development model (train-the-trainer) to support content area standards implementation.


Recognizing the challenges of bringing together stakeholders from across Nebraska, NCCC is co-facilitating virtual meetings with SEA lead staff members for each work group to complete the project. Upon completion of the project, the short-term outcome of increased coordination among SEAs, ESUs, LEAs and IHEs (institutions of higher education) in Nebraska to support consistent content area standards implementation will be realized. For more information, please contact Dr. Cathi Johnson.


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