Stakeholders meet to define ineffective teacher for Wyoming ESSA plan



The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires states to define ineffective

 teachers in their ESSA plans to ensure that low-income and minority students are not taught at disproportionate rates by ineffective teachers. Wyoming began working with stakeholders during the development of their ESSA plan to determine how the definition of an ineffective teacher would be most meaningful in the unique context of Wyoming's education system.


The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) worked with the North Central Comprehensive Center (NCCC) and the Regional Educational Laboratory for the Central region (REL Central) to support a stakeholder group of 24 Wyoming educators representing Wyoming districts, education organizations, and higher education. This group continued to meet after the Wyoming ESSA plan was submitted to further define an ineffective teacher for Wyoming.


The stakeholder group met virtually four times, beginning in November, 2017 with the final meeting in April, 2018. During the first meeting, Dr. Cortney Rowland, Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL) Co-Deputy Director, talked to the stakeholder group about the ESSA requirements, described what other states have done to define ineffective educator, and described the information in the GTL Guide, Teacher Effectiveness in the Every Student Succeeds Act. In subsequent meetings, stakeholders discussed the ESSA requirements, what other states were proposing, and what exists in Wyoming. The group then crafted a definition based on national expertise and best practices from other states that reflects the standards in the existing educator evaluation systems in Wyoming.


The final meeting on April 12th included a presentation from REL Central on several crosswalks that were developed to identify common areas of practice across teacher evaluation systems. The group used this information to determine which areas were currently used in evaluation systems in Wyoming and should be reflected in the ESSA definition.


Mark Bowers, WDE Program Manager, summarized the collaborative work together, saying, "Wow! What a great and productive process, and thanks to all of our partners for working so diligently to facilitate and provide great materials."


The ineffective educator definition will be incorporated into the WDE ESSA plan, and data collection will begin with the 2018-2019 school year.

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