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South Dakota Education System Profile

By supporting its Focus and Priority Schools with a focus on shared leadership, data-driven decision making, and targeted interventions, SD DOE is making a difference for students. In addition, South Dakota is prioritizing the needs of needs of Native American students through the recently established Native American Student Achievement Advisory council (NASAAC).
The South Dakota Department of Education is dedicated to four overarching aspirations for students:
      All students enter 4th grade proficient in reading
      All students enter 9th grade proficient or advance in math
      All students graduate college, career and life ready
      Native American students will experience increased academic success

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See the exciting school improvement work that is being done in the South Dakota Department of Education. South Dakota LEAP is an online interactive self-improvement planning tool for school teams to inform, coach, sustain, track and report improvement activities as they develop their improvement plan & then manage the continuous improvement process. South Dakota LEAP is premised on the belief that school improvement is best accomplished when directed by the people closest to the students!

South Dakota LEAP


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