Nebraska's English Learner Cohort


The NCCC has been collaborating with Nebraska since 2007 to develop a cohort of educators who can provide research-based practices for improving English Learner (EL) student outcomes on an ongoing basis. In addition to delivering focused statewide professional development, the cohort has functioned as an advisory board and work group for policy and practices deemed necessary by the state education agency. The cohort consists of EL teachers, school administrators, district administrators, educational service agency providers, state department members, and representatives of institutes of higher education.


This cohort convened on April 5, 2018 to update the Rule 15 Implementation Guide. (Rule 15 provides regulations and procedures for the education of ELs). Six groups worked on separate sections of the guide: Identification, Language Instruction Educational Program, Staffing, Standards, Assessment/Accommodations, Exit, and Program Review. After section revisions, each group shared out their updates, followed by feedback from the entire group. Terri Schuster and Brooke Davide will finalize the guide before making it available on the Nebraska Department of Education website. A "Rule 15 for Beginners" module will soon follow; stay tuned! For more information, please contact Jane Hill.

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