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The Nebraska Department of Education’s vision for the future of education in the state is Accountability for a Quality Education System Today, and Tomorrow (AQuESTT). The framework includes six tenets: College Career Ready; Positive Partnerships, Relationships, & Student Success; Transitions; Educational Opportunities and Access; Educator Effectiveness; Assessment. Through the collaborative projects with NCCC, Nebraska is moving its vision forward.

NEBRASKA Collaboration Projects


Accountability of Quality Education System for Today and Tomorrow:

The Nebraska State Board Policy G19, Standards, LB 438, The Quality Education and Accountability Act, has framed the foundation for Nebraska’s newly adopted accountability system. The Board believes that building a system that supports every student, every day is far more than the minimums required by law.
The Board sets out to establish not only a vision for accountability but a vision for a Quality education system for generations to come. The Board believes that the people of Nebraska — through their Constitution, the Nebraska Legislature, the State Board of Education, the Commissioner of Education and policy makers — are responsible for the total design of this Education System. Read more detail about the Six Tenets of Nebraska’s Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow (AQuESTT) for Nebraska.
The Nebraska State Board believes that the opportunity to integrate components of accountability, assessment, accreditation, career education, and data into a system of school improvement and support is imperative for the good of Nebraska students and for the state to have a vibrant and economically successful future.


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