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NCCC Liaison

Kathleen Dempsey



Revision of the SD Perkins Plan

NCCC Project Supports: In collaboration with the SD SEA and the College and Career Readiness and Success Center (CCRS) NCCC will: 1) identify resources to inform the Perkins Plan revision process and recommend comparable state and national models for review by the SEA CTE Team; 2) facilitate CTE vision development by the SEA CTE Team; 3) facilitate the development tools and materials with the SD CTE Team to conduct a listening tour to gather input from stakeholder groups regarding the contents of the Perkins Plan; 4) synthesize findings from CTE listening tour to inform Perkins Plan development; 5) facilitate the development and analysis of a SD survey based on listening tour feedback to gather more feedback regarding stakeholder priorities for the Perkins Plan; and 6) facilitate the SD CTE Team developing an outline for the state Perkins Plan.



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