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NCCC Liaison

Michelle Glodt



Revising South Dakota's State ESSA Plan

NCCC Project Supports: In collaboration with the SD SEA, NCCC will: 1) provide evidence-based resources to facilitate the School Quality indicator decisions; 2) facilitate a meeting of the SD ESSA Implementation team to prioritize and narrow the focus for the Fifth Indicator Stakeholder Group; 3) facilitate a Fifth Indicator Stakeholder Group meeting to explore and recommend a K-8 School Quality indicator for pilot; 4) provide evidence based resources to enable the ESSA State Plan Workgroup members to better interpret data collection; 5) facilitate ESSA State Plan Stakeholder Workgroup sessions to provide feedback and recommendations for the state plan; 6) develop a pilot process for new school quality indicator; and 7) draft an outline of stakeholder recommendations for the SD ESSA State Plan.



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