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Supporting the North Dakota Educator Equity Plan Implementation

Project Context: This project is a continuation of work that started in Year 3, when the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (ND DPI) requested NCCC support in developing its North Dakota Equity Plan. NCCC, in collaboration with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL), provided resources and supports to ND DPI staff on identifying equity gaps, conducting a root cause analysis, identifying strategies to eliminate the equity gaps, and determining measures to assess progress towards eliminating the equity gaps. NCCC also supported the ND DPI with engaging educational stakeholders from across North Dakota in the development of the equity plan. In Year 4, NCCC support
included providing ND DPI staff with resources on using research‐based strategies to implement its equity plan, and facilitating meetings of the Educator Recruitment & Retention Task Force (Task Force), which aims to identify and implement feasible short‐ and long‐term solutions for teacher recruitment and retention challenges in ND.
In Year 5, NCCC will continue to support ND DPI with the implementation of its state educator equity plan. To support the Task Force, NCCC will develop resources (i.e., meeting agendas, presentation materials, action planning template, and guidance materials), facilitate meetings, and share information compiled from other states related to recruitment, retention, and aspiring educators (i.e., K‐12 students who wish to become teachers), and help ND DPI engage stakeholders by supporting the facilitation of committees formed to carry out state educator equity plan strategies. NCCC will also support the ND DPI State Equity Plan Initiative Planning Committee as they review data to assess equity gaps.
Priority Area: Equity Plans
Project Goals and Objectives:
Goal 1: Build SEA internal organizational strength
Objective 1.3: Increase SEA capacity to create sustainable organizational structures and/or effective performance management systems
Goal 2: Build SEA organizational capacity to support district‐ and school‐level implementation of
effective practices to improve student outcomes
Objective 2.1: Increase SEA capacity to support the implementation of effective practices in districts and schools


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