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Supporting Native American Education in North Dakota

Project Context: The ND DPI Director of Indian Education requested support from NCCC to develop a data
collection plan and instruments to align with the implementation of the North Dakota Indian Education
Essential Understandings (Essential Understandings). The Essential Understandings identify what ND
students should know about the Native American tribes in the state, and include the tribal cultural
practices and histories that the ND DPI believes all North Dakota students should know. In Year 4, ND
DPI asked NCCC to collaborate with Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE) and expand upon TIE
activities by developing a data collection plan for the Essential Understandings across the North Dakota.
This plan included a logic model with intended outcomes, data collection instruments, a data collection
timeline, and guidance for collecting and using data to inform the ongoing implementation of the
Essential Understandings.
During the 2016‐17 school year (Year 5), ND DPI will continue working with TIE to develop lesson plans
related to the Essential Understandings and train 50 educators to implement the Essential
Understandings using the lesson plans; these 50 educators will represent schools that serve Native
American students. In Year 5, NCCC will continue this evaluation support by providing guidance on
collecting, reporting, and using data, specifically around the lesson plans and educator training provided
by TIE, to ensure the Essential Understandings implementation is efficient and effective.
Priority Area: Indian Education
Project Goals and Objectives:
Goal 1: Build SEA internal organizational strength
Objective 1.3:
Increase SEA capacity to use organizational structures and/or performance management systems
Goal 2: Build SEA organizational capacity to support district- and school-level implementation of effective practices to improve student outcomes
Objective 2.1: Increase SEA capacity to support the implementation of effective practices in districts and schools


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