Rural Education

Nebraska Supporting Content Standards Implementation

Problem Statement: The process of adopting revised content standards by the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) started in 2012 and will continue through 2017 until all core and elective content standards are complete. Although adopted content standards have been disseminated and implemented in some districts, NDE has noticed inconsistencies in implementation of the newly adopted standards. NDE has identified two factors contributing to these inconsistencies: 1) the lack of a systematic, state-wide implementation process and 2) a shortage of content-area experts to assist schools and districts with standards implementation.
Purpose: The purpose of the project is to increase collaboration between NDE and ESUs to ensure schools and districts in Nebraska receive support to consistently implement NE content area standards.
Priority Area: Rural Education
Expected Outcomes:
1. NDE has increased coordination with ESUs and districts to support systematic, state-wide content area standards implementation.
2. NDE has improved capacity to scale-up systematic, state-wide implementation of content area standards.


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