ESSA Implementation

Nebraska Educator Evaluation Web-based Platform Exploration

Problem Statement: To improve educator effectiveness, evaluation of educators must reflect a process of continuous improvement, emphasizing reflection of practice and data-indicated growth, however, in Nebraska, evaluation systems have not been implemented with consistency or fidelity across the state. Nebraska educators have identified several factors contributing to the lack of implementation; one of which is the inefficient system of completing paperwork required in the current system. Consequently, Nebraska educators have requested that NDE explore a web-based educator effectiveness platform that would: 1) enable aggregate analysis of instructional needs for the purposes of seeking continuous improvement; 2) provide information for the SEA to develop online professional supports closely linked to the needs identified through evaluation; and 3) reflect a statewide collaborative movement to integrate teacher support and evaluation. Acquiring a web-based system is particularly challenging for NDE, as the state allows districts to choose from two widely-used evaluation frameworks or a third district-developed hybrid framework that reflects the Nebraska Educator Evaluation Model.
Purpose: The purpose of the project is to increase the capacity of Nebraska educators to conduct efficient and effective educator evaluations that align with the NE Educator Evaluation model. NCCC will assist NDE to refine a current web-based platform proposal, gather best-practice resources, and gather information on funding opportunities.
Priority Area: ESSA Implementation
Expected Outcomes:
1. NDE has sufficient information to acquire or develop a web-based platform that aligns with the NE Educator Evaluation Model.


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