NCCC Leads Workshop on Addressing Needs of Recently Arrived High Schoolers

Imagine arriving in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and having no idea how to speak the language or how to read any of the signs along the highway. This is an example of a scenario that prompted English language learner coaches and teachers from across South Dakota to gather at the end of the South Dakota Department of Education’s Fall Titles (Title I, Title III etc.) Program Conference in Chamberlain, South Dakota.  The North Central Comprehensive Center’s (NCCC) Jane Hill and Terri Bissonette led a workshop to discuss and explain several strategies that could be used to help newly arrived students leverage their knowledge of their native language to learn English. Participants learned how to create bilingual alphabet charts and language files, both recommendations from Herrera, S.G., Perez, D.R., & Escamilla, K. (2015). Teaching reading to English language learners: Differentiated literacies, second edition. Boston, MA: Pearson.


NCCC has compiled the lessons learned during the meeting into a short document, which will be posted to the South Dakota Department of Education’s Title III website, that can be used to help schools and districts across South Dakota meet the learning needs of recently arrived high school students with little or interrupted formal education.

For more information on this project, contact Jane Hill at or 303-632-5529.

NCCC's Jane Hill in Chamberlain, South Dakota during August 3 workshop



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