Improved Organizational  Structures and Processes


NCCC Director

Kathleen Dempsey



Developing South Dakota’s Systems for Monitoring and Communicating Progress Toward its Aspiration and Goals


Problem Statement: The South Dakota Department of Education (SD DOE) has in place aspirations, goals, and strategies for achieving those goals. Though some infrastructures exist to support the work, internal stakeholders report that they do not currently gather interim data points to monitor progress toward the goals, or make adjustments to the identified strategies in a timely manner. In addition, unless internal stakeholders are directly involved in the identified strategies, they are unclear on progress or ways to support improvement efforts. This lack of clarity has impacted the culture of the SD DOE negatively, and may be a root cause of individuals not understanding each other's work, and duplicating efforts. The SD DOE has asked NCCC to assist with developing a strategic plan for monitoring and communicating progress toward goals and aspirations to internal stakeholders to efficiently and effectively ensure that key messages about the aspirations and goals can be shared across the agency through a thoughtful and coordinated process.
Purpose: The NCCC will support the SD DOE with developing a strategic monitoring and communication plan, leveraging the BSCP Strategic Communications Toolbox. We will work the SD DOE leadership to develop a strategic
plan for monitoring the implementation of strategies, and responding in a timely manner to their data; and developing
an internal communication plan that creates a set of processes to communicate effectively with internal stakeholders.
The plan will outline a continuous review and refinement process to ensure agency communication yields the desired clarity for stakeholders to implement and support SEA strategies toward its stated aspirations and goals.
Priority Area: Improved organizational structures and processes
Expected Outcomes:
1. SD DOE has improved processes and systems for ensuring goals and aspirations work stays on target, with the ability to make adjustments to strategies in response to formative and summative data.
2. SD DOE has improved communication with internal stakeholders.
3. SD DOE engages in a continuous improvement process to ensure communication strategies are implemented effectively in an ongoing manner.



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