Aligning Capacities in Nebraska

As schools and districts throughout Nebraska are supported by both the SEA and Nebraska's Educational Service Units (ESUs), it is critical that efforts between the SEA and ESUs are coordinated to ensure efficient use of resources and enhanced quality of service. Recognizing the need for increased SEA and ESU collaboration, Nebraska's Commissioner of Education requested support from NCCC to identify areas of duplication and gaps in services between the SEA and ESUs.


On April 5th, the Nebraska's Department of Education (NDE) and Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC) met to focus on the implementation of the State's newly adopted strategic plan, Nebraska Quality Education Systems for Today and Tomorrow (NEQuESTT). The plan outlines critical needs and strengths within the education system to ensure all students in Nebraska have equitable access to educational opportunities and are ready for success in post-secondary, career, and civic life.


The NDE/ESUCC team is currently developing strategies and activities to address the outcomes and goals outlined in the strategic plan. NCCC participated in the April 5th meeting and introduced the steps for data collection to the NDE/ESUCC team. Action steps include inventorying the capacities that exist within the SEA and ESUs to support schools and districts, analyzing the data to identify gaps and duplications of services, and reporting the findings to the commissioner, Dr. Matthew Blomstedt. The findings will be reported to the commissioner by September, 2017, and will inform efforts to coordinate SEA and ESU services to schools and districts.


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