NCCC Advisory Board Meeting


The NCCC Advisory Board convened for its annual meeting on December 19, 2018, in Denver, Colorado. In this final meeting under the current Comprehensive Centers’ grant, Board members shared and discussed highlighted examples of their state’s priorities and work. NDE administrator Brad Dirksen presented on their participation in the Diverse and Learner-Ready Teachers Initiative network; and North Dakota’s Superintendent of Public Instruction and NCCC Advisory Board Member, Kirsten Baesler, provided an overview of the state’s Innovative Education Program which allows schools to have individualized missions, goals, and objectives through a comprehensive plan that helps meet the needs of their students. South Dakota Department of Education’s Laura Scheibe shared about their focus on work-based learning experiences for all students, and Kari Eakins, Chief Policy Officer for Wyoming Department of Education, discussed the focus on safety and security in Wyoming schools. Board members also learned about Nebraska’s Education Service Units from fellow Advisory Board member Larianne Polk, and received a legislative update on federal policy, appropriations, and personnel developments.


A variety of resources related to the work in NCCC states were shared with Advisory Board members during the meeting. Advisory Board members reported enjoying the opportunity to learn from other states across a diverse set of topics, and the ability to engage in reflection and conversation that the meeting format allowed. They also expressed appreciation for the support of the NCCC and look forward to continued work with the Center in responding to and addressing their state’s needs.

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